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How we can be a good programmer?

As a student of computer science or software engineering, knowing programming become a part and parcel of everyone. However, most of us even do not know how to be a good programmer or how to start programming. In order to solve this problem, we have created this website. 

We are very much hopeful that everyone will enjoy programming with us.

Today we will talk some skills you need before you want to start programming.
Most of us think that before starting programming we all need to know the basic but before it you have to make a routine about your coding time.
Some tips:

1. Give certain amount of time towards coding.
2. Be patient.
3. Try to solve problem as much as possible that will enlarge your knowledge.
4. Try to know the basic.
5. Don't feel shy to share your mistakes. Try to take help from others.
6. Use google as your friend.
7. Complete task until it is 100% right.
8. Think about coding and never loose hope.

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