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1.2- Why java?

If we think about the present time, we can see that many kinds of programming languages ​​have been created. The purpose of each language is the same. If we go to List_of_programming_Language on Wikipedia, we can learn a lot about programming languages. Languages ​​are being updated through constant efforts as well as new languages ​​are being created.
Today we will tell you why if you learn Java language you will go beyond other languages. Here is some information about Java:
1. Pay matters As seen in a recent report, job opportunities for Java programmers are much higher than others and their average salary is also much higher than other programmers.

 2. More than 20 billion devices around the world use Java, of which in 2019 alone there will be about 3 billion. What many of us may not know is that Java is used in everything from smart phones to televisions, automobiles, medical devices, ATM machines.
3. Java is usually a very important language. Java is used in Real World Application. Java plays a very important role in Android development.

 4. The current age of Java is 25 years. It is moving forward with great success. Walking these 25 years has never been so easy. Java has come to this position today after overcoming many obstacles. Java is expected to exist in the near future.

 5. Available to Java programmers. The source code is readable.

6. The Java compiler is very reliable. We can rely too much if we want to because we don't have to think about things like Memory Allocation or Memory Deal location or Pointer Dereferencing.

. Java has many Stable APIs that make it easy to do very large tasks.

8. Java has been able to spell a number of IDEs in the last 18 years that are very easy to work with.

 9. Since Java is an open source language, these codes are very easy to understand.
10. It is suitable for use on any type of operating system such as Windows, Linux, Mac etc.

 11. Java is an object oriented language. So we can call it Save Language.

 12. Edge has the largest community. Currently there are about 7 million Java programmers.

 13. Java has a very large road map.

 Finally we can say that Java is a very popular and useful language. There is no doubt about it.

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